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Bollywood breakup stories – celebrity news

Bollywood breakup stories – celebrity news

Being in a relationship and breaking up the relationship is not a big deal in the world of Bollywood, the second most renowned film industry of the world. You may get enthralled today seeing your most favorite Bollywood actors and actress tying the knot and it may happen that after few years you become depressed seeing them getting divorced.

Most relevant Bollywood breakup stories at the moment:

The history of Bollywood has lots of divorce and breakup stories. One of the most popular one is the break up of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. Saif Ali got married to Amrita Singh who was five years senior to him and this marriage was an exception in the Bollywood industry as this was a secret ceremony. The news of their marriage was like a bomb to both of the family and the disagreement was due to the odd relationship. Initially their marriage was a hot discussion but with the flows of the time the eyes got focused on some other entertaining news when these couple was seen happily married with their son and daughters.

But no one had the idea then that these happy and gay couple would lead for the spiltville in just a few years. Yes, it happened and once again the media had to cover this break up story. The controversies related to these wedding crashers still linger in the air. So many years passed by in between this and recently Saif and Kareena got married and they are enjoying a stable relationship while Amrita Singh still doesn’t get into any relationship. The divorce of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Sing was really very heartbreaking for all the Bollywood lovers but we have felt the intensity of the grief much when we first saw the news of Hrithik- Suzanne a break up. How is this possible? This would be the first question tormenting our mind for some days until we get the hidden truth. The entire world of Bollywood was hopeful about the reconciliation of the two hearts, but it was not done. Family, friends and the fans of this Bollywood favorite couple was expecting to see them again, but the news confirms that they won’t get back together.

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Hrithik and Susanna are presently in separation, Suzanne moved with her two kids to a new place. It seems that Suzanne is quite peacefully leading her life in her new apartment, while the entire industry is a bit depressed about their separation. It is the rumor that the Hrithik had been in a relationship with Barbara Mori and this might be the reason for their separation. Is this then the treachery and betrayal from the part of Hrithik or is there any other reason that is not coming out. Whatever it may be, it is true that any kind of separation is very disheartening, may it be of an ordinary couple or of a Bollywood famous couple. Though this divorce would take place, but we cannot deny that within our heart we still keep a little expectation to see the ray of hope somewhere.

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