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Celebs with tattoos – a way of expression

Celebs with tattoos – a way of expression

Celebs’ Love Tattoos


tattoos are no longer just a form of body art; it is a way of expressing love too!  

 WomenNow talks about a few celebs who flaunt their love by getting inked.

Deepika Padukone

While they were much in love, Deepika got the initials of her former lover, Ranbir Kapoor, inked on the nape of her neck. Even though they broke up a few months later, the RK tattoo still stays. While there are talks of her getting the tattoo removed, fact remains that the tattoo has been there for a longer duration than the relationship even lasted. It seems it will stay the same as Deepika has no problem sporting it even today.

Saif Ali Khan

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One might just say Saif was the one to popularise the “Inking your lover’s name” trend in Bollywood. He got Kareena’s name tattooed on his hand after speculations of their relationship were rife during the filming of ‘Tashan’. Saif’s tattoo proclaimed his love to the world and they’re one of the hottest celebrity couples now. The ‘Kareena’ tattoo inked on his forearm in Devnagari script became a trending topic and remained so for a long time.

Hrithik Roshan

The ‘Greek God of Bollywood’ is known for being a romantic at heart and his marriage to childhood sweetheart Sussanne broke many a hearts. Recently, he got his wife’s name engraved on his left wrist as a surprise for her. It was during the time when rumours of Hrithik’s romance with Barbara Mori were rife. The alleged affair fizzled after this incident and Sussanne too got her forearm inked for him. Quite a tattooed tale, right

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