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“Dekh Le” – a great video

“Dekh Le” – a great video

Dekh le is a video that describes the daily life of many Indian women. Staring at women in India is a common practice of men. No matter whether they are travelling in a train, riding a scooter, shopping at a mall or just walking down the street they do not get their eyes off women unless they are out of sight.

Some men are just ridiculous and stare at the women until their eyes pop out. Staring is not just limited to those who wear see through clothes or reveals body parts. In fact, even if a woman is covered from head to toe with no parts revealing, men continue with a ridiculous eye chase.

The new ad titled “Dekh le” is empowered by Whistling Woods International, giving a thought provoking message to these men. The ad was aired soon after the incident of horrific gang rape that took place in New Delhi.

The video has four parts. In the first part, two boys on a bike stare at a girl’s thigh, wearing shorts and riding a scooter. In the second part, three men stare at a woman’s cleavage, sleeping with the head on the shoulder of companion. The third part of the video shows a man staring at midriff of a girl with tattoo, sitting in a café. While in the last part, a man travelling in public transport stares at women-wearing burka. All these make the viewers wonder why men have this uncontrollable desire to stare at women. Are women on the roads, in buses and at public places mere sexual objects?

All of these men were put to shame when they had the view of how they looked while staring at women with lust. The music and song in the background depicts that how men look when they are staring at the women without any shame. Ogling at women is very much different from seeing or observing. It seems like they are the object of men’s desire and are not perceived as a human. The ad shows that how women have to face different situations of similar kind from day to day. No matter, which social class they belong to, what their profession is, what place they are at, they have to face the challenge every day. They have to listen to the shameful and unwanted comments while passing by a street, bazar or any other place where men are just sitting like huntsmen, waiting for the prey.

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Sexual harassment at work is a common practice, especially in India. Last year, a girl was gang raped in New Delhi – an act of horror indeed but how this sexual instinct builds?  It is a question that remains inadequately answered. Most of the people blame the girls that they wear such revealing clothes that urge and tempt men to behave in a certain way.

However, attire is one’s personal choice and should not be considered as a sex call. In the ad, mirror acts as an instrument to show men how shameless they look when acting and staring at women with lust. There is a need to improve women empowerment, and awareness of the rights of women, which is definitely a demand of the hour.

Dekh Le – a great video
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