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The rise of Indian Women

The rise of Indian Women

The rise of Indian Women – Empowering Women in India through Electoral Process

The election for 2014 that took place in India on Monday the 7th May has ended. People are expecting something new and progressive from the new government as new faces have come up to get the country in better position. The country is facing issues such as corruption, slow economy growth and most of all the issues and security of women. They are treated badly and are unsafe while walking alone at night. In the past majority of news were related to harassing and raping of women and crimes committed against them. Better security and quick trials of violent crimes figure into the six point Womanifesto by Indian Women’s groups. Common Man party, nascent and congress party authorize it. With these kinds of developments and plans, women would say that they feel safe while walking alone at night. Furthermore, the gap between men and women in India is not how it should be.

During the election campaigns over past several weeks, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi have spotted their speeches and TV appearances that what will be their plan to improve security of women. Both of the parties have claimed that they are going to support 33% in Lok Sabha and state level parliaments reserved for women, which also include Womanifesto. The congress has said clearly in its manifesto to provide sanitary napkins to young girls without any cost and will increase the number of women police stations. While on the other hand, BJP promised to lessen the gender discrimination and introduce self-defence classes in school. This will help the girls to stay protected from rape and sexual assaults that have increased drastically.

The election process will surely influence the women’s effort for security, equality and progress. However, we can see big differences as we move on to some regions of India. In the north, women are concerned about their safety at night and number of incidents took place including the rape case in New Delhi.

Approximately, 41% of women claim that they feel safe walking at night, which is comparatively lower than the South, west, east and central regions.

The main objective of manifesto is to balance and endow women in Indian society. In India, Economic Co-operation and development have criticized equality of women and ranked 56 out of 86 nations in the general index of 2012. Approximately, 57% of women still believe that they are treated equally and respected in their country.

The women in India are bound to wear, cook, sew, behave and go by what the men say. However, with voting, they are capable of registering their own opinion as said by anthropologist Mukilika Banerjee.

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The issues of economy faced by women in India are expected to have a huge impact and influence on much of the female vote there. However, with security and general respect gradually becoming a part of the community dialog, women’s problems could also play a key role in the North.

The rights of women have been an issue in India since its independence. However, new faces in electoral process can be a good sign of change for the whole nation as well as women.


by Nousheen

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