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Have you often made up your mind to join a self-defense class or program and then dropped the idea for the sake of what others would think about it? Does your family think, it is useless for you to join any such program? Are your parents amongst those who believe more in prayers and keeping their fingers crossed when you step out of the house rather than taking some practical steps for your safety? Did you hear your neighbour say to your dad “What’s the need? It has never happened in our colony.”


I know most of the women out there will associate with any of the above or something similar, if not exactly the same. Though, the society talks, protests and show outrage whenever a woman is assaulted in whichever way, when it comes to sending the daughters to a very useful class like ‘self-defense’, it show reluctance. When will society stop showing double standards and stop making the girls feel guilty for numerous things they are never truly guilty of? The first and foremost thing to know about crime against woman is that no woman desires or deserves to be assaulted. Rather than preaching the girls a lot of unnecessary things about the ‘Dressing Sense’, the parents and society should encourage them to be strong enough to fight their assaulters. If a girl decides to go for a self-defense class, her decision should be respected.

All my female readers should know and understand that even if the thought of the society does not collide with yours, you have all the right to take necessary steps towards your safety and self-defense classes can be one of the right moves towards this. Let me introduce you to the world of self-defense.

  1. Good self-defense classes do not just tell you what you should do and what you should avoid. Verbal teaching plays a less important role in self-defense. Good programs should give you the power to analyse situation and equip you with practical techniques. It should teach you how all situations are unique and what works in one situation or for a particular person might fail for the other. It should show and make you wise enough to take decisions according to your situation.


  1. Good Self-defense is not just a physical training of attacking the criminal. It aims at creating awareness about one’s surroundings so that attacks can be avoided. It also teaches skills to confront a criminal verbally, methods to escape safely and of course strategies to confront the assaulter physically. It is not a physical but a physical cum psychological program.


  1. Does this work? Yes, self-defense training can increase the chances of your escape or survival during an attack. However, like any other program such as dance or music, this too needs you to know more and more about it.


  1. Will these programs make me 100% safe? No. These programs are designed to make you informed about the crimes or attacks that you might be a victim of and prepare you to survive in whichever way but it can’t give a hundred percent surety of your escape or survival. No program can… but the fact that you have a strong method to face and defeat your assaulter makes the program worthy. It is wise to be prepared rather than being an easy prey.


  1. There is nothing like a standard self-defense program. These programs vary in length of time and formats. You need to go for one that empowers you with simple techniques yet numerous ways that are easy to apply in the real crime scene. You can find out about what a program offers in details through the past students or by going for several demo classes, so that your money is not wasted. Former students can easily let you know, if they gained from joining the class.


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  1. Before enrolling for any such program, talk to the instructor and make him aware of your experiences and concerns and watch carefully how he replies to your concerns or what he has to say about your experiences. The instructor should always respect the woman’s experience and he should be knowledgeable. The cost of the program should be in your budget and you should be prepared to commit yourself for the course of time it would take.


  1. You may opt for a program with a female instructor who will make you more comfortable in sharing your thoughts, experiences and opinions. You might find yourself in an awkward position to discuss a very sensitive issue with a male instructor. However, gender of the instructor should not matter much for you.


  1. You do not need years of training. Just a basic course can provide sufficient concept to develop safety strategies. ‘Karate’ and ‘Martial Arts’ training is a complete ‘NO’ for such situations as they often teach you very complicated, unreal techniques that you might not apply in the actual scene of crime when you are very nervous.


  1. Am I too old to join? Am I in good shape? Listen ladies, self-defense program do not require a beauty pageant figure and age. You might be in your forties or you might have a bulge near your belly. This should not bother you. Good programs are designed to suit various age groups and give each student an opportunity to learn.self defense
  2. Costly programs are not necessarily the best. Similarly assuming that all classes are the same and taking admission into the cheapest one is also a bad idea. Do good research about a class and while doing the research take into note point number five and six.

So ladies, ignore those negative influences and take the positive step for your protection by enrolling into a good self-defense program. Choose a course that is based on intelligence and not just physical power. Don’t worry about what others will say. It is you who might face the crime and it should be you who should know how to protect yourself. Stay safe….Stay blessed!

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