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The Man who takes health care to India’s villages

The Man who takes health care to India’s villages

The Man who is taking Healthcare to the Remotest Villages of India

With India having just 1 doctor to every thousand people, the chances of a villager from a remote hill region reaching a doctor in time for life-saving medical care is bleak. But technology could change this! Here’s a man who gave up a well-paying job at Oracle to improve the quality of health in rural India.

In her video series, Chai with Lakshmi, Lakshmi Rebecca talks to interesting people. This time, she interviews Sujay Santra. Sura Santra, along with his team at iKure, doesn’t just provide rural India with good quality medical care through simple and disruptive technology, but also provides extremely affordable treatment in the very remotest villages. Sujay has developed a network of health workers who are empowered with a device that records all patient information and facilitates delivery of care no matter where the doctor is. With his doctors being as central as at AIIMS and patients in far away hill districts such as Dima Hasao, Sujay is going to change the way healthcare reaches much of India.

This video was filmed at Sankalp Summit in Mumbai, India. Sankalp is an Intellecap initiative.



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