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Work as a bridal makeup artist – rulebook

Work as a bridal makeup artist – rulebook

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. A make-up artist has the potential to create magic with her fingers and turn out a bride who is going to wow everyone with her stunning looks on her D-day. If you wish to specialize in the bridal make-up niche then you should consider the following tips to become a successful make-up artist.


Work as an Apprentice

Working under the guidance of a professional make-up artist will help in honing your make-up skills immensely. If you are particularly interested in the bridal make-up category then we suggest you take a certified course and acquire some special skills which will make you stand out.


Before you launch yourself in the market as a professional make-up artist, it is highly recommended that you practice a lot. Experiment on your family and friends before venturing out into the real world. Practicing beforehand will give you the necessary confidence to deal with real-world clients.

Networking is Essential

If you plan to start your own business it is essential that you learn to network with clients and other professionals in the industry so as to build your client base. Advertise yourself in local papers, distribute pamphlets and spread the word among event management companies so that more people get to know about you.

Have your Own Website

In today’s networked world, having a website dedicated to one’s own work grabs a lot of eyeballs. Create an easy to navigate through website which showcases a rich selection of your work displaying picture of all the beautiful brides you have decked up. Have a customer testimonials page where your customers leave their feedback. Positive feedback from real customers will draw in further clients.

You need to be Well-groomed

Since you are in the beauty business people expect you to be well-groomed at all times. Therefore to create a favorable impression on customers always stay well groomed, dress smartly and develop a personality that matches your profession.

Have a Portfolio of your Own

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Building a portfolio is an essential requirement of your profession as it helps a lot in developing and promoting your brand. Choose some of the best bridal make-up jobs you had done and build your portfolio around it. Customers when handed over this portfolio get a clearer idea of your talents and capabilities.

Give Discounts

If you are starting out in the industry, giving away attractive discounts is a good idea to net in potential customers. To lure customers towards your parlor you can give clients complementary packages or slash the rates of some services. A would-be bride who is going to spend tons on her bridal look will surely be interested when presented with discounted rates.

Meet the Client

This is by far the most important point which cannot be stressed enough. Before you venture to paint the bride’s face have a few meetings beforehand so as to get an idea about her preferences and tastes. Listen to her and incorporate her wishes into your plan for after all it is her wedding.

The services of a capable makeup artist can make a bride look perfect on her wedding day. We are sure that by following the above tips you will be one coveted make-up artist.

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