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Safety Tips For Women Travelers In India

Safety Tips For Women Travelers In India

Safety Tips For Women Travelers In IndiaIndia is a place with interesting history, amazing culture and tempting food and hence is a home to most amazing tourist destinations that you can find anywhere on the globe. Even the natives of India have many places left to still explore and take a voyage to. It does not matter whether you are roaming in India alone for the first time or are born and brought up there, all you need to do is follow certain measures and you are all safe to travel freely and take good travel memories with as you leave the region.

Do your research well:

Make sure that you have done all the research about the places thoroughly before you set out to travel. Make sure, you know most appropriate transport mediums for your every destination. Clearly calculate the distance between every planned tourist destination and plan your staying time accordingly. And make sure you pack all the stuff you will need to commute easily and without any hassle.

Book a hotel beforehand:

A great idea is to book a hotel at your travel spot and make sure the hotel you book provides a taxi service and they ensure you that they will pick you from airport as you land in India. As you won’t have to take a taxi on your own, you will be less vulnerable to many incidents like being mugged or harassed by a goon.

Make sure that you stay assertive:

Your politeness will not be mistaken for flirt but will be an obvious invitation to rape to the street vendors or shop keepers. Remember that asking for directions is free but make sure that you do not have to come across such a situation as it may lead to kidnap or harassment. Make sure that you stay extra cautious and appear confident when you are dealing with men and do not appear to be gullible. Do not become frank and maintain a serious attitude at all times so that they know they are dealing with a tough woman here.

Dress modestly:

Make sure that you wear modest clothing and by modest I mean no sleeveless or shorts and almost all the body parts covered. Make sure that you are wearing loose fitted clothes and no part of your skin is exposed. Do not wear any expensive jewelry or a watch. Make sure that you appear as local as you can to avoid minimal attention. Wear a scarf, especially during visits to any worship place. So, when in a certain region, dress as the locals do.

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Carry your smartphone with you:

Do not walk around showing off your latest iPhone as it will be snatched away at the first possible sight. Make sure you have a cheap smartphone and you have number of local police station on your speed dial. There are many apps like VithU that send automatic messages to your loved ones at a mere press of power button. Make sure that you have such an app installed in your smartphone. Moreover have a cellphone tracker in your smartphone as well.

Just ensure all these safety measures and you will not be in any trouble while you are travelling alone in India.

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