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Astrology: Scorpio Zodiac Sign and its Secrets

Astrology: Scorpio Zodiac Sign and its Secrets

scorpio zodiac sign

Think about the Scorpio in your life. Now, do you know this person well? If your first answer is yes, then think again. Because unless the Scorpio is madly in love with you, this is impossible. You definitely have doubts by now. That is the charm of this zodiac sign. The mystery around them is never truly solved. You will never see the wizard behind the curtain.  But knowing a few things about them will help you navigate your relationship with them better. And if you are a Scorpio, then maybe try to work on your weaknesses. Maybe! Maybe! I know you are perfect. But this will make things easier for those you love.

scorpio zodiac sign

Vrishchik Rashi: Scorpio Zodiac: Facts, Months and Meaning

Scorpio, or Vrishchik Rashi as it is known in the Hindi language, is the eighth astrological sign represented by the months October and November (date range: 23rd of October to the 21st of November). Scorpio is a fixed sign, with Water as its element. This zodiac is ruled by the planet Pluto, personified by the Roman God of the underworld, death, sex, and transformation. But this is not where the relations of this zodiac with ancient mythology end.

The Scorpion, which is the symbol of this zodiac itself has a deep-rooted significance in Greek mythology. The myth involves another well-known constellation, the Orion. According to the myth, Orion, the son of Poseidon and Euryale, was the most handsome man alive. He was hunting partners with the Goddess Artemis, whose brother Apollo was jealous of Orion’s beauty and skill. So, he asked Gaia to create a giant Scorpio which would kill Orion. According to Greek mythology, Zeus made both the Orion and Scorpio constellations. He put both Orion and the Scorpion that killed him in the stars.

Another myth holds Artemis accountable for Orion’s death by the Scorpion. It is said that Orion boasted that he could kill any animal or beast on Earth. Artemis, the protector of all animals, sent a Scorpion to deal with Orion. The contest between the two lasted for days with the Scorpion emerging victorious. The match was so amusing that Zeus offered the Scorpion a place in the constellations. Both these accounts point to one thing. The ardent desire to seek revenge in the people born under this zodiac is not unfounded.

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

 scorpio born personality

 You have probably heard all kinds of things about people born in November. And most of what you’ve heard is true. Whether it is the fear that the Scorpio zodiac sign instills or the respect. Or even the passion and sexuality that they are so famous for. Most of what you know about this zodiac sign is true. If you want to find out whether a person is Scorpio or not, look into their eyes. Scorpio men and woman have a hypnotic intensity in their gaze. You will feel the power being taken away from you as they stare you down. If someone’s gaze has caught your attention, they are most probably a Scorpio.

Very rarely will you see a Scorpio who reflects his emotions? People born under this zodiac sign are masters at disguising their feelings. But mistaking them for emotionless beings is worse. These men and women are more emotionally sensitive than any of your average Cancerian. And when they burst, the lava can destroy everything in its path. When the Scorpio does express himself, he is always true. They might hide their emotions but they don’t pretend. So, you know when they smile, they mean it. When they cry, they are genuinely sad. Never take an emotional expression by a Scorpio lightly.

Don’t let the jolly, friendly Scorpions fool you. Their happy-go-lucky nature is only a façade for all the other emotions they are hiding. Never let your guard down around a Scorpio. They are not evil or wicked or anything. But they do get hurt sometimes. And if you overstep then they will sting. But if you are lucky to make a Scorpio friend, you will not find anyone as fiercely loyal as them. When the Scorpio commits, they commit with all their heart. No matter whether it is in love, in friendship, at work or in a relationship.

What jobs are Scorpio good at?

A Scorpio can do well at anything they set their mind to. Their fierce dedication and hard work, make them a champ. But if I have to make a list, I would put careers in the Scientific field at the top. The best among these would be a career as a Researcher. Their practicality and love for problem-solving make them perfect fit for these fields. Problem-solving is the core of all scientific careers. Coupled with the dedication that these men and women bring to the work field make them perfect for science. Other career options to suit this sign are Pharmacists, Chemists, and Engineers.

If you aren’t a Scorpio with a lot of interest in science, then why not go corporate? Scorpions make for excellent Market Analysts and Marketing Associates. Their perspective, in regards to people and their choices, is priceless. Scorpions have a way of understanding people. Some might say that their own mysterious nature allows them to study others in great detail. Which also makes Psychology a preferred field for them. Scorpions do exceptionally well as a Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, or a Psychiatrist. Not only do these careers involve science, but it also makes use of their natural ability to study people well. But if none of these careers seem right to you, feel free to make your own choice. The zodiac sign isn’t the only thing in your horoscope that controls your fate.

Scorpio in Love

 scorpio in love

 Love comes as second nature to people of the Scorpio horoscope. You might find it difficult to believe if you haven’t seen them in action. They have a tangible charm that attracts people to them. A Scorpio friend of mine often wonders why so many men to whom she extends a hand of friendship turn into lovers. While I hide my face and laugh at the poor child who doesn’t understand the power of his charm. This means it always looks like they are flirting. Even when they are not, that is the vibe you will get. This makes many of their partners jealous. And leads to many fights.

But the Scorpions are fiercely loyal. They would never knowingly cheat on their partner. Unless they are convinced that the honeymoon is over. What they can’t stand is falling out of love. Scorpions need love and affection to sustain a relationship. If that is gone, then they will look for it elsewhere. They will work hard to keep it alive. But once it’s gone, they are not reviving it.

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Another necessity for them is sex. Scorpions are passionate beings who worship love-making. It is an expression of love, commitment and everything else that makes a relationship beautiful. Denying your Scorpio partner sex is a one-way ticket to break-up-ville. But if the love stays strong, they can even take a bullet for their loved one. That is just how it is for these men and women. They cannot work in the middle. They are always at the extremes.

Scorpio Eminent Personalities

So many success stories come to mind when one thinks about this zodiac sign. Many women leaders are born under this zodiac sign. Indira Gandhi, the only female Prime Minister of India, is the first one on this list. Her father and the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, graces these mentions. Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, FLOTUS, and first female Presidential candidate, is another. The celebrated French premier Charles de Gaulle also makes it in this list. JFK’s brother, confidant and former Attorney General of the United States, Robert Kennedy, is also in this list. And so is the youngest and one of the most celebrated President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt.

Among the celebrities, you have big Hollywood names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, and Ryan Gosling. From our side of the world, we have Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Zeenat Aman, Helen, Juhi Chawla, and many more have made the cinematic world the marvel that it is today.

No mention of Scorpio eminent personalities is complete without Bill Gates. The man who put a computer in every home. The founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the world for an unbelievably long time. In the world of Art, the name of Pablo Picasso is what brings glory to his zodiac sign, Scorpio.




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